The Deep Short Corner

“Offense is spacing and spacing is offense” – Chuck Daly

This saying from the great NBA Coach Chuck Daly has been the key principle of my offensive philosophy. I have always thought of stretching the defense vertically and horizontals as much as possible, stretching from the high elbows to the just above the corner. George Karl however is taking it to a new extreme, he is actually stationing his big players so deep on the baseline that he is encouraging them to have their feet out of bounds (obviously they would step to the ball to get inbounds if a pass was made to them). I came across this tactic from reading an article by the Grantland network’s Zach Lowe (twitter-@ZachLowe_NBA), his stuff is an absolute must read for coaches. I am going to refer to this as the deep short corner.

Below we have a video of the Denver that I pulled directly from Zach Lowe’s article. Here we have Denver big man Kosta Koufos circling form the strong side block to the weak side block and buries himself deep to the baseline. As the penetration occurs, Koufas’s defender loses vision and he circles along the baseline for a layup. This cut along the baseline if often referred to as a circle cut in the dribble-drive offense.

To me the big advantage of this setup is that defensive player has to play very low to the baseline to maintain vision of his man. By playing so low to the baseline, the defender is stretched from being in a help and recovery position.This lack of vision also gives the big a nice offensive rebounding advantage. I also see a lot of potential with this big screening the weakside, if you were to replay that video again you will notice that Koufas has a great angle to set a fade screen to open up the corner three – the NBA’s most valuable shot.

I have downloaded another video and I am looking to do my first video blog entry in the near future, I will be sure to tweet about it (@CoachAnglim) and post it on my facebook group
I also purchased two new books,

Toughness: Developing True Strength On and Off the Court


The Best-Laid Plans of a High School Basketball CEO: A Coach’s Guide to Seeking & Securing, Building & Maintaining a Successful Program


Look for book reviews on these in future articles.


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