Utilizing the ball screen: Ball Reversal Sprint Pick and Roll

It has been close to a month since my last blog entry and I am afraid this might be the norm for awhile. Life, basketball, and career have put a tremendous amount of demands on my time and writing has had to take a back seat. I will try my best to write articles and maybe even a new newsletter. I might even try to do another video blog.

In my last two blog entries I have outlined some ways to utilize the ball screen as part of your motion offense. I wanted to add one more concept on how to utilize the ball screen. I held off on this because it does not play will to the free nature of motion offense but I still think it has value to any coach.

Below we have a very standard setup. We have a four out formation with a post player on the weak side block. The key player I want to point out in this diagram is “X5”. With his offensive player setup in the weak side block, he needs to be in a help position prepared if “X3” is beaten off of the dribble.

Ball screen duck split1

The real action now occurs as the ball is rotated from the wing to the slot. This is where timing is key. We want 5 to be anticipating the pass to “2” and sprinting up the moment the ball leaves “3”’s hands. This puts X5 in a real difficult position to be able get into position to hedge on that ball screen.

Ball screen duck split2

To complete this “play”, we have 1 and 4 space out for the penetrating guard. 5 has a lot of room to roll to the rim and even has “3” opposite him if we want to work some misdirection action.

Ball screen duck split3

I really like this surprise sprint screen, especially when you have that lumbering big guy that wants to be camped 3 feet from the rim. I also like to use this as an “audible” for teams that like to post on duck ins. After a while “x5” is anticipating the duck in and his first step is lateral to jam the ducking post man. Here is another article I did on the “duck in”. This offer’s a great counter.

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  1. A lot of times too the post players defender will be watching the 3 man handling the ball because it is his/her responsibility to step up and help if the wing defender gets beat. That means that on the quick reversal he/she will be a step behind the ball screen if the 5 man sprints to the screen. It is important that the basketball coach
    stresses the 5 man sprinting to the screen, because it will open everything up. Thanks for the outline and the article!

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